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About us


Welcome to the world of electrical innovation, welcome to TALARIA IBERIA. We are a passionate team that has accepted the challenge of ushering in the future of two wheels with our commitment towards electric motorcycles. We are leading importers offering sustainable solutions for motorcycle lovers around the world.

Our mission

As pioneers in the conventional and electric motorcycle sector, our mission is to redefine two-wheeled mobility. We are committed to offering eco-friendly, innovative and high-performance transportation and leisure products that enable our customers to live a driving experience without compromises, driving the change towards a more sustainable future.

Our team

Behind the success of Talaria Iberia, there is a dedicated and multicultural team of experts in the sector. From research and development to logistics and customer service, we work together to ensure a complete experience for our customers. With years of experience in motocross competitions and in motorcycle sales and manufacturing companies, the Talaria Iberia team is prepared to face the most difficult challenges that the world of two wheels can present.

Join the electric revolution

We are excited to share our enthusiasm for the electric future of motorcycles. Join us in the electric revolution, explore our catalog and discover how you can contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable world with TALARIA IBERIA, having fun at the same time.

About Talaria

Discover the Talaria company , a pioneer in the research, development, manufacturing, sale and international trade of motorcycles and related products! Located in Chongqing, China, known as the 'Silicon Valley' of electric motorcycle production in the country, Talaria already exceeds $50 million in annual turnover. With 5 production lines and more than 800 employees, including 180 engineers and technical staff, the factory is an epicenter of creativity and quality. With a rich history in motorcycles, tricycles, motors and, more recently, electric motorcycles, Talaria has conquered markets in South Africa, Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia, and is now targeting Europe as a growth area for electric motorcycles. Its annual production capacity exceeds 200,000 electric motorcycles, in addition to its other manufacturing commitments. Their focus is on product quality, efficiency, innovation and development.